2019 Hullfest!!

2019 is here and the gigs are already massive. 

We're absolute made up to announce that we'll be playing the main stage at Hullfest on 16th June. Tickets are free, with just a small booking fee to be paid. Tickets are a must, though, so please click on the image to the right to get yours today.You won't be able to buy them at the venue. 

If you haven't seen the gig list already, please see it here. There's so many there's no excuse not to have seen us play. 


Debut Gig!!!

Tonight we embark on our maiden gig.
Griffin Earlestown is having a taste of no nonsense rock n roll.
If as many people come down as said they would on Facebook we will need a bigger pub.
We will see you all later for a night of ACDC madness.

Check out their Facebook Page for a live stream of the gig. This is a first class venue for live music. Huge thanks to Nathan Higham the machine of a soundman. One of the best in the business adding some extra ommmmfffff and explosions on the night.